Aug 2017
Recognising India’s opportunity in the Neighbourhood: Challenges and Prospects
Venue: Conference Hall II
One of the most visible development ever since the recent National democratic Alliance took over in Delhi in 2014 has been Prime Minister Modi’s travel.....

Additive Manufacturing in Aerospace and Defence Sector: Strategy of India

Prakash Panneerselvam writes on impact of additive manufacturing on global aerospace and defence sector.

The International Strategic & Security Studies Programme was started at the National Institute of Advanced Studies (NIAS), Bangalore in 1996 with the broad objective of conducting academic and policy research related to national and international security issues. The emphasis of research is towards integrating complex elements of science and technology with policy, organizational and institutional arrangements. Rapidly changing geo-political and technology adaptation scenarios affect the national and international strategic conditions and the research carried out in the Programme reflects this. Current and emerging scenarios relating to nuclear, missiles and space weapons are reflective of such an impact and have formed the core area of research.